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Book Two in the
Daemon Collecting Series

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While introducing Leda Morley, last of an ancient line of gatekeepers, to the ins and outs of her daemon-collecting work, Rachel Wilde encounters something far more dangerous than any daemon: a young boy who stands alone against an unseen yet terrifying enemy that has invaded his home—an inhuman creature who, hellbent on revenge for a minor slight, intends to harm the boy’s oblivious family. Meanwhile, Leda’s brother, Simon, is feeling left out of his maternal family legacy but is coping partly by helping Rachel’s friend Bach—a previously homeless man with unusual mental abilities—get his life back on track.

In the midst of all of this, Bach unintentionally but serendipitously makes contact with a capable otherworldly being who, with great reluctance, agrees to help Bach and his friends take on the dangerous creature that’s just become their problem to solve. Together, this group of unlikely allies must put aside their differences to save an innocent child, and his family, from a monster—before it’s too late.



The Debut Novel from
Alison Levy


Book One in the
Daemon Collecting Series


Rachel Wilde, sent from another dimension to bring defective daemons in for repairs, needs to

locate two people: a woman whose ancestors held

a destructive daemon at bay and a criminal trying

to break dimensional barriers.


Helped by a homeless man with unusual powers,

she uncovers a rising shadow organization

that's changing her world forever.


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Hi, I'm Alison Levy. I live in Greensboro, North Carolina with my husband, son, and variety of pets. When I'm not writing or doing mom things, I crochet, garden, walk my collies, and work on home improvement projects.

photo by Ivan Saul Cutler

My books feature female characters who are strong but flawed, making them more relatable. They stay rooted in everyday life while world-building in their fictional cultures. Intolerance of differences has become widespread in recent years. Gatekeeper encourages readers to look beyond what they consider normal and see through foreign eyes, a message that I hope will appeal to many in today’s climate.


Praise for

The Daemon Collecting Series is a great spin on an age-old stereotype. Its fun, engaging characters will create a fantastical journey without leaving the very world surrounding us.

Startlingly original, Blue Flame provides not only an insightful commentary on our society but also rich, complex characters who will stay with you long after you finish reading.

Witty, entertaining, and wholly original, Levy's Daemon Collecting Series is the urban fantasy series you didn't know you were missing. A must read!

Chanticleer Book Reviews—5 Star

Jen Braaksma, author of Evangeline's Heaven

Lenore Borja, author of The Last Huntress

In The Press



Alison Levy offers us a lens that penetrates the facade of a recognizable world to reveal a thought-provoking analog. Ideas of right and wrong, intention, human value, and justice are all reconsidered. The story leaves the gate at a dead run and never lets up. Written in a clear and incisive style, Gatekeeper was a pleasure to read, and happily, suggests more to follow.

Patricia Minger, author of Magic Flute

A compelling, yet endearing, read about a very resourceful
inter-dimensional cop Rachel who deals with broken daemons, homeless oracles, linguists, and serial killers with her own style of grace and
tenacity. You might not see your own world in quite the same way as you look for the hidden passageways just out of view.

Ellen Clary, author of Pursuits Unknown: An Amy and Lars Novel

Gatekeeper is a wickedly fun romp from start to finish, and Rachel Wilde is a fiery protagonist who doesn’t take crap from anyone or any thing. In her debut novel, Levy provides an action-packed story with a delightful taste of the immense, unique world-building to come for future books in the series. 

Cheryl Campbell, author of Echoes of War

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An Interview with Alison Levy in Risingshadow, which features science fiction and fantasy books.

"Rachel's outsider perspective results in fascinating commentary. Gatekeeper is a spirited fantasy novel..."

"The elements of contemporary fantasy and sci-fi hooked me and the relatable characters and fast-paced plot line held my attention. Levy employed metaphors that were far from the clichés I've grown used to..."

"The female leads are strong and don't take crap from people. I appreciate that they don't become wilted flowers when things get tough."

"The prologue sucked me in as a mysterious murderer brutally kills off what he believes is the last of the gatekeeper line. Rachel's character is strong, edgy, and impulsive."



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